The Last on Earth Collective is a collection of 5300 unique endangered animals. Every endangered animal comes unique with different colors, outfits, headwear, and more! We are currently based on the Solana blockchain. By owning an NFT, you can be part of the effort to save these animals as the Philippine Eagle Foundation is our main and official beneficiary. While all royalties will go back to NFT holders. Join us and help our community grow together!

Changing the World one NFT at a time

About Us

We started our collection with hopes to bring awareness to endangered animals and the current state of our world. With this in mind, we also want to grow a community and be able to release collections that will benefit every member of the community as well as our partner organizations. While profit is also one of our goals, it is not our only goal. We want to be able to bring positive change in the world with the use of NFTs and with the help and feedback of every member of the community. 


Our Story

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