When purchasing an NFT, you will be rewarded with a whitelist spot on the next collection if you were able to purchase the NFT on the same day as the release. All NFT holders will also have a vote on upcoming Collections and on the development of future projects. Also, 100% OF ROYALTIES WILL GO BACK TO THE NFT HOLDERS.

December 1

Project Creation

We started the development and creation of the website and the art as early as December 1. We also partnered with the Philippine Eagle Foundation, and promise to give 10% of all profits towards the preservation of the Philippine Eagle. Since December 31, all the way until the official launch date we have been making constant changes and improvements to the art, website, and coding of our collection.

January 29

Going Public with Project

On January 29 we plan to go public with all our social media platforms as well as opening our website for the public. This marks the beginning of our marketing period!

Untitled design.png

Febuary 14


On February 14, all 5,300 NFTs will go up for sale. Don't miss out! All holders who mint on the first day are automatically whitelisted for the next collection!

25% SOLD

Giving back to the Community

Once 25% of NFTs are sold we will be giving away a total of 5 SOL (1 SOL per winner)  will be raffled to 5 lucky holders of the NFT. 

Untitled design (3).png

50% SOLD

More for the Community

Once 50% of NFTs are sold we will be giving away 1 SOL to 10 lucky NFT holders as well as an NFT worth 10 SOL to an NFT holder.


Once all NFTs are sold, a community treasury containing 250 SOL will be established. Each week, every NFT holder will be able to vote on what to do with the community treasury (1 VOTE per LOC owned) and at the end of the month, they will receive their monthly dividend (Profit divided to each LOC holder). 

100% SOLD


Once all NFTs are sold, all royalties will go back directly to the NFT holders.1 LUCKY NFT HOLDER WILL RECEIVE 25 SOL. Once 100% of NFT's are sold, the Community fund of 250 SOL will also be established.

Orange and Indigo Neon Noir  Vaporwave MMO  Role Playing Animated Logo (2)_edited.jpg

March 1

Last on Earth Collective 2nd Edition

The community will be voting on which animals or what the 2nd LOE collection will be based off.  We will be adding more and more utilities to each collection we release.

May 1

Last on Earth Collective Sea Edition

The 3rd and final collection of LOE will be centered on endangered sea species.